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Implementation permit of Master Program of Accounting (MAKSI) UMS is in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 498 / E / 0/2014 dated October 10, 2014

Master of Accounting has been accredited with the value of B based on SK BAN-PT Kemenristekdikti RI No. 0320 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / M / I / 2017 dated January 10, 2017.


Vision of Study ProgramVision of Study Program (Prodi) Master of Accountancy is “Making the Master of Accounting Program (MAKSI) as the center of international standard in the field of education, research, and application of knowledge of accounting science that provides direction of change based on Islamic values to be achieved in 2030”

Mission of Study Program
To achieve the above vision, the Master Program of Accounting UMS formulates its mission to promote the life of the people and the nation by:

  1. Conducting accounting master’s degree program education: Qualities by applying the principles of good governance.
  2. Carry out research, and the development of science to advance the science and practice of accounting in accordance with the direction of change.
  3. Doing community service by utilizing science in accounting field.
  4. Integrating Islamic values into the areas of education, research and community service that are beneficial to stakeholders.

Objectives of the Study Program
Objectives to be achieved by the Master Program Accounting UMS is as follows:

  1. Produce graduates who have the insight and stock of sufficient accounting science in order to further the development of science and to obtain a higher degree in the profession.
  2. Able to develop skills and abilities in the field of Accounting science by conducting research, and development to improve the quality of accounting profession services and able to become leaders at the appropriate level.
  3. Able to develop the ability and expertise to recognize, observe problems in the field of Accounting science, as well as to approach and scientific reasoning to solve the problems encountered.
  4. Able to provide great benefits to the public, business world, and the public sector in applying the field of accounting by way of community service.


Head of the Study Program
Dr. Noer Sasongko, SE, MSi, Ak, CA, PIA

Leadership and Employees of Graduate School

No Nama Jabatan
1 Prof. Dr. Bambang Sumardjoko, M.Pd Direktur Sekolah Pascasarjana
2 M. Farid Wajdi, SE, MM., Ph.D Wakil Direktur Bidang Akademik
3 Marwan Effendy, S.T, M.T, Ph.D Wakil Direktur Bidang Keuangan & Sarpras
4 Prof. Dr. Absori , SH, M.Hum Kaprodi Doktor (S3) Ilmu Hukum
5 Prof. Dr. Musa Asy’arie Kaprodi Doktor (S3) Pendidikan Islam
6 Wardah Yuspin, SH, M.Kn, Ph.D Kaprodi Magister Ilmu Hukum
7 Dr. Sudarno Shobron, M.Ag Kaprodi Magister Pendidikan/Hukum Islam
8 Prof. Dr. Markhamah , M.Hum Kaprodi Magister Pengkajian Bahasa
9 Dr. Drs. Sumardi , M.Si Kaprodi Magister Administrasi Pendidikan
10 Zakky Cholisoh, S.Si, M.Clin.Pharm, Ph.D Kaprodi Magister Farmasi
11 Drs. Wiyadi, MM, PhD Kaprodi Magister Manajemen
12 Dr. Noer Sasongko, SE, M.Si Kaprodi Magister Akuntansi
13 Dr. Eny Purwandari, S.Psi, M.Si Kaprodi Magister Psikologi
14 Nurul Hidayati, S.T, M.T, Ph.D Kaprodi Magister Teknik Sipil
15 Tri Widodo Besar Riyadi, ST, M.Sc, Ph.D Kaprodi Magister Teknik Mesin
16 Dr. Ir. Ahmad M Fuadi, MT Kaprodi Magister Teknik Kimia
17 Prof. Dr. Sutama Kaprodi Magister Pendidikan Dasar
18 Nurul Azizah, SE Kaur Umum
19 Indri Kusdianto Kaur Akademik
20 Endang Sri Setyani Astuti Kaur Keuangan
21 Gatiningsih, SIP Kaur Perpustakaan


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