Governance & Finance


The governance of the study program reflects the implementation of good university governance and accommodates all the values, norms, structure, roles, functions and aspirations of the stakeholders of the study program. Leadership of the study program will effectively provide direction, motivation and inspiration to realize the vision, carry out the mission, achieve goals and objectives through a developed strategy.

Governance is a system to maintain the effectiveness of the role of constituents in policy development, decision-making, and implementation of study programs. Good governance will be evident from the existence of five criteria, namely credibility, transparency, accountability, responsibility, and fair. The governance system works effectively through the operation of mutually agreed mechanisms, as well as its ability to maintain and accommodate all elements, functions, and roles in the study program. Tata Pamong is supported by organizational culture that is reflected by the existence and establishment of rules, procedures for election of leaders, lecturer ethics, student ethics, education personnel ethics, rewards and sanctions system as well as guidelines and service procedures (administration, library, laboratory and studio). Governance systems (inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes as well as external environments that ensure proper governance) must be formulated, socialized, implemented, monitored and evaluated with clear rules and procedures.


Funds Fund Type
Amount of Fund
TS-2 TS-1 TS Average Year
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
College Student Debriefing 5,4 10,2 7,8
SPP 27 159 93
Heregistrasi 2,25 13,25 7,75
Consumtion 5,85 34,45 20,15
Thesis Examination 1,4 0,7
Wisuda dan Ijazah 1,2 0,6
Bantuan Buku 0,4 0,2
Goverment Research Cooperation 645,75 374 509,875
DJP II Jateng 13 6,5
Other sources (among others from direct cooperation or grants from abroad)
Total 686,25 606,9 646,575


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